touch the butter

Bog Butter

Butter, or anything associated with a cow, was seen as a sign of wealth, importance and was valuable. “Butter was seen as a luxury item back then. People made it with the intention of eating it, or selling it to pay their taxes and rent,” Savina added. Well, those were the days! Touch the butter…[…]


Kittens and Butter

It’s a well known wives-tale to spread some butter on a new kittens paws to feel more at ease in a new home. I have tested this theory many times, and if there is something I can be certain of, kittens love butter. With minimal lactose (as kittens can’t digest normal cows’ milk), and all the high[…]


It’s Better

After over a century of attempted swaying on the health benefits of margarine over butter, the cream has risen to the top. As Shakespeare has oft lamented – fooling Mother Nature is never a good idea!  The invention of margarine started from an interesting demand by Emperor Napoleon III in the 1800s – looking for a clever butter[…]


Benefits of Butyric Acid

This is the compound that was first discovered in butter! Discovered in 1815 by Frenchie, Michel Eugène Chevreul, he described it as the component responsible for the smell of butter. Since this compound was discovered in butter, it’s name comes from the Latin word for butter – butyrum (booty-rum!) – hence, butyric acid. Butyric acid in its[…]