salty smoked butter

Slather salty smokey butter over your winter veggies – potato, mushroom, asparagus – oh even on corn!

Melting on top of chargrilled steaks, this butter will add an extra depth of flavour to your decadent dinner.

2 reviews on “salty smoked butter

  • On a cold Friday night as the wind lashed outside and drizzle fell, I made a pot of fresh popcorn, poured a perfectly steeped tea and sat down to enjoy while watching a movie. I know that sounds pretty good in itself… but what took it to another level….. SALTY SMOKED BUTTER DRIZZLED ON MY POPCORN! Seriously! This stuff is liquid gold and I can’t wait to try it out further. Im thinking it would work on savoury meals as well, like a freshly grilled steak and vegetables. Or I might continue on the dessert path, next will be wafer thin, warm crepes….

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