touch the butter

Bog Butter

Butter, or anything associated with a cow, was seen as a sign of wealth, importance and was valuable. “Butter was seen as a luxury item back then. People made it with the intention of eating it, or selling it to pay their taxes and rent,” Savina added. Well, those were the days! Touch the butter…[…]


Kittens and Butter

It’s a well known wives-tale to spread some butter on a new kittens paws to feel more at ease in a new home. I have tested this theory many times, and if there is something I can be certain of, kittens love butter. With minimal lactose (as kittens can’t digest normal cows’ milk), and all the high[…]


hot buttered rum balls

We’re making easy butter balls for you to drop in your hot rum drink this winter! This recipe is an American favourite – no reason why we can’t have these down under. To do: Grab 3/4 cup of rum and 2 cups of boiling water. Stir in 4 butter balls until the butter dissolves (serves 4). Serve in a mug garnished with[…]


miso butter

A favourite butter at Japanese restaurant Momofuku, David Chang said the inspiration for miso butter came  when he would use a knob of butter mixed with the end of a bowl of miso ramen. Spread deliciously on winter veggies, corn, seafood, stirred into ramen or even pasta!

vegemite and butter