Kittens and Butter

It’s a well known wives-tale to spread some butter on a new kittens paws to feel more at ease in a new home. I have tested this theory many times, and if there is something I can be certain of, kittens love butter. With minimal lactose (as kittens can’t digest normal cows’ milk), and all the high[…]


hot buttered rum balls

We’re making easy butter balls for you to drop in your hot rum drink this winter! This recipe is an American favourite – no reason why we can’t have these down under. To do: Grab 3/4 cup of rum and 2 cups of boiling water. Stir in 4 butter balls until the butter dissolves (serves 4). Serve in a mug garnished with[…]


miso butter

A favourite butter at Japanese restaurant Momofuku, David Chang said the inspiration for miso butter came  when he would use a knob of butter mixed with the end of a bowl of miso ramen. Spread deliciously on winter veggies, corn, seafood, stirred into ramen or even pasta!