2 years ago

Delicious On Many Dishes


We’re here to Butter You Up.

With a good slathering of creamy, nutrient rich, hand made butters – all made from local or home grown ingredients, and only using grass-fed milk butter.

Delights as your luxurious bread spread (remember Tetsuyas’ black truffle, parmesan and ricotta butter)

Adds seductive taste and extra, extra crisp to your roast vegetables over the cold months

Excites family and friends as a decadent gift

Grass fed butter supports environmentally friendly and sustainable farming, and pays respect to the animals welfare and health. Grain and corn tend to make cattle sick and require antibiotics for digestive problems 🙁

Cattle enjoying fresh lush grass also helps them produce vitamin A, D, E, K, omega 3 and 6 into their butters. The yellower the butter, the more carotene it contains!

cinnamon + honey + ricotta butter is great on your banana bread on those extra toasty mornings

comfort up your scones with your favourite fruit marmalade butter

lemon + roasted garlic + sea salt butter is beautiful on lobster

spoon it into your morning coffee for that nutritious, energetic Bulletproof kick

blue cheese + bacon butter is awesome with your favourite beer

melt it on mouth watering roast chicken and steak

Butter You Up | For those that enjoy the rich and decadent life.

Butter is better… so start with better butter!